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Chart Patterns to Predict Price Action for Forex, CFD & Crypto

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Chart patterns are specific price formations on a chart that predict future price movements. As technical analysis is based on the assumption that history repeats itself, popular chart patterns have shown that a specific price movement is following a particular formation of price chart pattern with high probability. Therefore, chart partners are grouped into:
(1) continuation patterns – that signal a continuation in the underlying trend, and
(2) reversal patterns – that signal reversal of the underlying trend.

In this class we will show the top chart patterns that every trader should know.
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My 3 Favorite Forex Chart Patterns

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Here’s the thing:

There are hundreds of Forex chart patterns out there — and 95% of them are pretty much useless.

Because after “experimenting” with countless chart patterns, I’ve abandoned most of them and now focus only on these 3 chart patterns.


Because they are simple to understand.

There is logic to it.

And it works.

That’s why in this training video, I want to share with you my 3 favorite forex Chart patterns and how to trade them step by step.

This includes the logic behind why it works, where to enter the trade entry trigger, how to set your stop loss, and where to exit your winners.

Sounds good?

Then go watch this video right now.

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Chart Patterns & Trend Action for Forex, CFD and Stock Trading

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Learn how to read patterns in your trading trading charts and to understand what they are trying to tell you. Trend patterns and chart patterns such as rectangles, head and shoulders, triangles are the ultimate key to price action. Breakouts, Reversals and Continuation of trends will also help forecast the markets.
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