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Easy Forex Strategy – Scalping 5 Minute Chart – Read Description – Next Video Will Be Live Trades

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Make Money in Forex With this Simple Strategy Trading the Daily Chart offers a completely (100% FREE) trading system that you can access immediately with no strings attached. We don’t even want your email, we’re simply paying it forward. Learn this powerful forex trading system through video presentation and enjoy unlimited access to our live forex trading videos. Learn our time tested signature trading patterns that will help put you on the path to financial freedom. Visit us at
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The ONLY Forex Chart Dissecting Video You Will EVER Need

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The ONLY Forex Chart Dissecting Video You Will EVER Need
The ONLY Forex Chart Dissecting Video You Will EVER Need. This is the complete part 1 of 2 series of chart dissecting video that you can use to learn how to trade forex.

This is pure naked chart dissecting using price action. When it comes to technical forex chart analysis or If you ever wanted to learn how to trade forex, this is the best forex video for chart dissecting. With the knowledge to action that you now have. You will be able to trade and work from home.

Price action is the key to all chart reading. Let me know what you think.

Ezekiel Chew is a professional forex trader and the founder of Asia’s leading forex education & training academy – Asia Forex Mentor.

He is frequently consulted by banks and trading institutions for his forex trading expertise.

Thousands of students have benefited and profited from his lifestyle trading method where he tunes forex trading to his lifestyle and not his life around forex trading.

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Si has oido hablar de FOREX o eres un PRINCIPIANTE, comienzo una serie de videos para que conozcais lo más básico.

Si teneis cualquier duda me podéis contactar en

A Powerful Forex Trading Video, an Even More Powerful Message

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If you have 6 minutes to spare, I have 2 things for you in this video that I think you’ll find to be worth your time: 1) Another awesome trade, called WAY in advance of course, and 2) A passionate message from Darko that says it all about our service.

In case you don’t know, I want to tell you how our Coach’s Corner service works.

In the Pre-Market Analysis video that Darko does daily (for ALL members), he does the following:

• He tells our members what we’re looking to do way in advance
• He tells them why we’re taking a trade
• He shows the multiple time frame analysis leading up to the trade
• He shows exactly what the pattern is that we’re looking for
• He shows WHERE to enter
• He shows WHERE to place the stop
• After entry, we have a trade management protocol that we follow

Folks, anyone can do this IF they have the desire, patience and willingness to learn. It’s not rocket science, but like anything, you do need some time to learn it.


The latest podcast is about the power of combining the proper time frames before making a trading decision. Just 16 minutes long…but information that we know you’ll find helpful. And…you can start using this right away.

This episode is called “Episode 5 – Combining Different Time Frames In Your Trading”. Check it out here:


“Darko i attended many live rooms, but here is something else, here is real coaching”

“You’ve already saved (me) years mate.”


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Thanks so much for watching our weekly videos — we really appreciate it and hope you find them helpful!

All the best,

Vic Noble
Personal Coach


The Coach’s Corner Basic Service is now in its 14th year, hosted by Vic Noble and Darko Ali. This is the most valuable and affordable coaching you’ll find on the internet! A Pre-Market Analysis every single day for all members, with End Of Day (EOD), Swing Trades, Intra-Day, and Scalping setups shown…in ADVANCE…NOT after the fact!

The CC Premium PMA Service – In addition to everything in the Basic service, the Premium service members receive full access to our CC Skype Chat Lounge, micro videos live in the skype chat room during trading, screenshots live, and immediate, live access to the coaches for response to questions.

NEW! The Advanced Forex Patterns Course – the best pattern trading course we’ve ever put out. Shows our complete rules-based approach to trading:

“Developing a Community of Empowered Currency Traders”
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Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results.
Trading currencies involves substantial risk, and there is always the potential for loss. Your trading results may vary. No representation is being made that these products, and any associated advice or training, will guarantee profits, or not result in losses from trading. Never use anything other than risk capital for trading.


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